Our History

Our history – get to know us

Hello, nice to meet you. I’m Sarah, Eric’s daughter. I’m pretty sure you’re reading this because you want to know more about our history. When you call the number of this website, you get me on the phone. I handle everything you see on this website. As you already know, my father is an artist. As he isn’t a media specialist, I decided to help him because he wasn’t at peace and rest. He is an artist for almost 40 years, but he never had his own personal space to show his work and share it with his costumers directly. He always had to sell his work to art dealers, but they made a lot of profit and my father barely got paid for his work.

When I graduated at the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam in Media, Information and Communication in 2017 I was looking for a fulltime job, when my phone rang. It was my dad and he told me about the art dealers and how everything wasn’t going the right way. I decided not to look for a new fulltime job, but to help. The plan was a new webshop and posting his work on social media to create a digital space. We were ready to show the world where he is capable of – and of course – to get rid of the art dealers.

I love seeing him getting better and  better every single day, especially now he knows he can share his work instantly with the world on social media and his website. It makes me happy and proud to see him bloom. I remember him painting in the living room. There was paint everywhere, on the couch, on the floor, on the chairs, on the table. I now understand it’s not so inspiring to paint in the garage. At school, I told everyone my dad was an artist. I got bullied for it once. Who’s father is an artist? But I never stopped being proud of what he did. Today I’m even more proud due to the fact that we came where we are today. I hope you enjoy his personal space as much as I did creating it for him. Don’t forget, you’re more than free to ask us any question.