Eric Jan Kremer, born on February 17th in Haarlem, The Netherlands is known for his Formula 1 and MotoGP art. His fascination for racing started when he was very young. He made simple drawings of cars when he was only ten, but he developed and became better very quick. Stealing the hearts of Formula 1 and MotoGP fans because of his passionate work was an easy task for him.

Because of the techniques he created through time and experience, his work is very dynamic and expressive.

You can find his work all over the world, for example in the VIP-areas at Silverstone.

He creates the illusion of speed and power. His goal is to make a piece of art that excites you, to create the feeling you’re watching a Formula 1 or MotoGP race. He uses acrylic paint for his work and he always paints on linen.

Multiple big names got his work on the wall. He made paintings for Michael Schumacher, Arie Luyendijk, Mika Häkkinen and Max Verstappen.

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